Spectacular Light show shines at Hainan Ocean Flower Island
Mesmerizing light show dedicated to the world with sophisticated craftsmanship

Fountain Light Show in Zilang Lake in Nantong City
Showcasing the dynamism of Nantong in the new era

The Water Light show Impression Nantang in Wenzhou Bailuzhou Park
Experience splendid cultural heritage along the Nantang riverside

Art is the insight gained from life

Smartly apply cutting-edge technologies to Light art

Art is the insight gained from life


Time of issue:2021-01-05 10:14:09

Beijing Funshine Culture Lighting Art Co., Ltd focuses on light art and light show projects. Based on the promising city landscape lighting and tourism market, we have gained rich experience in cultural and creative art sector.  


We provide light show and lighting services integrating traditional lighting with creative light art. We are aiming at establishing a high-end brand for the specific market segment.

Rich experience in cultural and creative art
A magnet for global art talents
Character build fine works , Fine works reveal character
Dedicated to art



Deep 18 years | Funshine Culture has been publicly traded on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Aug 24, Beijing Funsine Culture Media Co., Ltd (Funshine Culture, 300860) is one of the first companies to obtain regulatory approval to publicly list on the new start-up board ChiNext on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Funshine Culture was touted as the glimmer of hope for the media industry during COVID-19 pandemic being the only media company to be approved for the board.

People of Funshine Issue No.1 | Persistence makes greatness

Dark skin, calm character, firm eyes, these are the traits of an ordinary and excellent engineering person. Shouldering the heavy responsibility, representing Funshine, representing all the staff members in Lightingart Division in Wenzhou, wielding sweat and enthusiasm.

China Pavilion Architectural Design Plan for Expo 2020 Announced with Sha Xiaolan as General Artistic Advisor

On April 2, CCPIT released the architectural design for the China Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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